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Customs clearance

More than just customs declarations

Advices to boost your competitiveness

Goods clearance is not limited to declaring the commodities entering or leaving the European Union. 

Buying and selling goods internationally raise a number of issues that a specialist masters:  clearance procedures, customs regimes, the payment of duties and taxes, the relationship with customs authorities…


Certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), M&M is recognized as a reliable international trade actor and partner. 

M&M facilitates your transactions and enables you to:

  • Import, store, use or process your goods under the adapted procedure and to benefit from the suspension or postponement of customs duties payment.

In our bonded warehouses, you may indeed import and store goods under a suspension or postponement arrangement for a duration matching your company needs. You will pay the customs and taxes only when you start commercializing your goods.

  • Export and strengthen you international competitiveness through the knowledge and the use of rules of origin

Abroad, M&M subsidiaries and branches can also handle customs clearance and document verifications for you. Most of our subsidiaries own bonded warehouses.